Project Publicity is a diversified public relations and marketing agency focused on building the images of THE YOUNG, THE HIP, AND THE UP-AND-COMING.  

"Our mission is to catapult alternative culture into the mainstream", says Len Evans, who along with Jeff Dorta, founded the firm in 2002. "We represent artists and organizations who have already established themselves in their respective niches and are ready to be launched to the next level."

Project Publicity works with its roster to identify both short and long-term public relations goals and carefully develops an effective pr strategy. The firm then implements regional, nationwide and international publicity campaigns for maximum exposure and optimal impact.

The growth of Project Publicity has afforded successful ventures in the industries of music, film, online, fashion, theatre and publishing. The firm has brought credibility, respectability and notoriety to a wide array of corporate and entertainment companies, including record labels, film studios, television programs, and Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy Award winning artists.
We serve a broad array of entertainment companies that target the LGBT community.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information, please contact us:

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