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Project Publicity, Inc. is a global public relations and marketing company with a roster that includes a broad array of entertainment artists and companies.
Martha Wash on 
Entertainment Tonight
Derek Warburton on FOX45 
News Baltimore
As most of the world moves forward toward gay equality, Russia is seemingly heading backward. In his new documentary Michael Lucas reveals what it is like to be gay in Russia today. 
Michael Lucas' Campaign of Hate
Project Publicity's Len Evans Rings the NYSE Bell with Darlene Love
La Toya Jackson on 
OMG! Insider
Cheri Oteri on 
The Wendy Williams Show
Kristine W on CBS News
The notorious gay rapper releases the video for "Sprung," a single that will be featured on his upcoming release, "Hard 2 B Fresh," due out in October.
Darlene Love on 
Good Morning America
Vassy Sings 'We Are Young'
First album from the singer of David Guetta’s smash hit, “Bad” includes the title track, featured in the movie, "Frozen".
Timoteo Tackles
Varsity Line

Timoteo presents new men's underwear collection for jocks.
Acting Out: 
The Queen of Mean
Courtney Act pokes fun at her Drag Race reputation with the summer’s dance floor craze.
Toni Braxton Set To Portray Darlene Love
Toni Braxton has been chosen to play Darlene Love in the upcoming biopic "My Name Is Love: The Darlene Love Story", premiering on Oprah Winfrey's OWN in December 2014.
Gayest Video Special Ever
Everyone’s favorite Gay Pimp Daddy returns with his first ever DVD! The program includes music videos, comedy sketches and uncensored behind-the-scenes bonus footage.  

Living The Rainbow
Get Ready To Rise

Ascension Party, the summer’s wildest weekend festival of music, dance and friendship takes place August 15-17 in the all-gay oasis of Fire Island Pines.  
Gays With Kids, a first-of-its-kind website to help gay dads navigate fatherhood, launches this month.
Cellblock 13 - Rough Play

Cellblock 13 presents The Renegade Defender, a football-inspired pant for the guy that likes to play the field.
Bianca Del Rio Gets In Bed with Joan
The founding member of the Grammy nominated, internationally acclaimed, multi-platinum selling group 98 Degrees releases "That Girl", his first dance single in four years.

Jeff Timmons Releases First Single in Four Years
This week, the fabulous Bianca Del Rio jumps Into Bed With Joan! In the episode, they chat about Bianca winning RuPaul’s “Drag Race”, how to deal with haters, the wonderful divas of Broadway, Bianca’s new “Rolodex of Hate Comedy Show”, touring nationwide!

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Glamour Returns 
Christopher Logan is re-releasing his celebrated coffee-table book with an additional 20 pages of new faces and photos. 
The very first winner of RuPaul's Drag Race takes the Manhattan stage in "Reveal", her brand new one-woman show.
Bebe Reveals All
Raph Solo Muscles Up 
Singer's new album celebrates the stronger man he has become after undergoing reparative therapy in failed attempt to cure his homosexuality.
Cary NoKey Is Who They R

The music producing force that helped launch Lady Gaga - giving the pop star her moniker and producing “Paparazzi" - is taking to the stage this summer with debut single, "B Who U R". 
It's All 'About A Girl'
“About a Girl” is the bold and infectious new single that marks Veronica Jensen’s long awaited breakthrough in the U.S.A.
Modern Family
Adore is evolving into one of Drag Race’s biggest songbirds, with “Hello, I Love You” destined to be the stalker anthem of 2014.
Adore Delano Releases Stalker Anthem
Gay Fighter Supreme!

In the world’s first ever gay-themed battle video game, twinks, bears, trannies and lesbians fight to the death with the help of killer Birkin bags, colorful wigs and other gay essentials.  
Why Drag?
Glow In The Dark
In new photo exhibit, Magnus Hastings, a pioneer in drag photography, captures some of the world’s most celebrated drag superstars.
Inspired by EDM music, XUVO® is the world’s first tablet cocktail mixer specially formulated to make drinks glow under a club’s black light. It comes four fun flavors; Neon Mojito™, Electric Blue Hawaiian™, Orange Buzz™ and Cosmic Apple™.
Hans M. Hirschi presents three very different and deeply moving portraits of gay family life. While each is a complete story in its own right, all three share common themes, exploring the power of love to heal. 
Rapper Cazwell Gets 'Sprung' 
Love Come Home 
Tosun Breathes New Life
Shara Strand's RSVP
Jason Walker's Heart Beats
Kristine W, Billboard Magazine’s “Artist of the Decade” releases next single from her NEW & NUMBER ONES album 
Shara Strand's  new single, "RSVP", is a dance floor anthem that celebrates the animal nature of clubbers on the prowl. 
Sylvia Tosun prepares to release "Take My Breath Away", the first single off her upcoming  "Repurposed & Reclaimed" album.
Jason Walker redefines Taylor Dayne’s eighties pop classic, Tell It To My Heart, for the modern dance floor.